Maury M. Breecher, PhD, MPH Biography of a Ghost

The Right Medicine: A Conservative Vision for Restoring the American Health Care System

This book is for everyone who has to deal with health insurance.

It is a research tool to guide you through the current morass called health care in America today. The data has been well researched and is as factual as possible. However, as data changes, new ideas emerge and situations are altered constantly. The authors hope this book will serve as a foundation for a political philosophy concerning decisions about health care in the USA.

In light of the astonishing projections about rising health care costs, the authors cover the following topics:

* Where health care money is being spent and spotlights where a good portion of it is being wasted.

* How to find affordable health insurance

* The benefits of HSAs, Association Health Plans (AHPs), and Managed Risk Medical Insurance Programs (MRMIPs) are explained

* Debunks the myth that a true free-market health care system would hurt consumers.

This book explains that not all of the increases in health care spending are bad, since money spent on new health care technologies increases quality of life and life expectancy; contrary to critics charges that technology increases the overall cost of health care. The new med-tech actually saves money over the long run. Demonstrate that restoring the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and considering hospitals sanctuaries for healing, not as cost or profit centers, is what US health care needs.

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